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The best tools and frameworks of Machine Learning and AI?

ML and AI Tools and Frameworks for Developers

Machine Learning and AI tools and framework

Artificial intelligence is a complex area including specialized mathematical algorithms, computing machines, software programs and many more. Artificial intelligence solutions are implemented in almost all areas of social activities in business research and other fields. The importance of an artificial intelligence developer has therefore become so crucial in today’s modern era[1]. If you want to know about Artificial intelligence in web development make sure to check our article “AI & Web development?”.

The number of tools and frameworks available to data scientists and developers has increased as machine learning becomes more prominent. Microsoft, IBM, Google, and AWS have machine learning APIs that they respective cloud platforms. It makes easier for developers to build services by summarizing some of their machine learning algorithms’ complexities. Let’s discuss how artificial intelligence software can be properly developed and how best to find and hire AI engineers.[2]

As follows, we introduce top machine learning tools[3].

1.Google ML Kit

Google ML KIT

ML Kit is a mobile SDK that offers a powerful package to Google’s machine learning expertise. Even developers new to machine learning are easy to use for Android and iOS applications. With a few lines of code, you can implement the functionality you need.

To get started with the ML Kit, comprehensive knowledge of neural networks or models is not necessary. It provides APIs. ML Kit can help you to your custom Tensor-flow[4] Lite models in mobile applications.

You can use machine learning techniques in your apps with the aim of the ML Kit. The Google Cloud Vision API[5], TensorFlow Lite[6], and the Android Neural Networks API[7] is Google ML technologies that can be combined in one SDK. The functionality is available on the device or in the cloud are as follows.

2. OpenNN

openn neural networks

OpenNN is Abbreviation of Open Neural Networks Library. It is a software library which is written by C + + programming language. It implements a major area of research into deep learning (as a subfield of machine learning)which is known as neural networks.

OpenNN implements data mining methods and provides a set of functions. These can be integrated into other software tools. There is no graphical user interface, some functions can be integrated with Specific visualization tools.[8]

OpenNN’s main advantage is high performance. To higher processing speed and better memory management, it is developed in C + + and implements parallel CPU with CUDA via OpenMP and GPU to accelerate processing.

A wide range of materials including tutorials on the site[9]. A Neural Designer tool is available for advanced analytics. This tool helps you simplify data entries by creating visual content like graphs and tables.

Here you can download OpenNN [10].

3. Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout

As the definition of Apache Mahout(TM) says, “It is a distributed linear algebra framework and mathematically expressive Scala DSL designed to let mathematicians, statisticians, and data scientists quickly implement their own algorithms”. [11]

  • Mathematically Expressive Scala DSL
  • Support for Multiple Distributed Backends (including Apache Spark)
  • Modular Native Solvers for CPU/GPU/CUDA Acceleration

This was the exclusive field of academics and companies with large budgets for research. In today’s, the need for intelligent application is growing. Intelligent applications can learn from data.

Apache Mahout is used to creating applications using machine learning techniques including collaborative,

categorization and clustering. It is filtering to find commons in large groups of data or to tag large web content volumes.

Mahout scalability[12]:

  • Scalable for large sets of data – The core of machine learning algorithms is Implementation of large distributed and scalable systems.
  • Scaled to support all of the business cases – it is distributed within the commercially friendly license of Apache Software.
  • Scalable community – A wide community with dynamic, diverse and responsive features which facilitates discussions on the project and its possible use.

Many of the implementations rely on the Apache Hadoop[13] platform, so how it works should be well understood.

You can download Apache Mahout here[14].

4. HPE Haven On-demand

HPE Haven OnDemand

HPE [15] is a platform for cloud services that simplify how data can be interacted and turn it into an asset at any time. They offers a large collection of applications programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning to interact in a different way with structured and unstructured data. Some of these APIs can be employed in cognitive computing and data science. Depending on the definitions and objectives of the problem, there are a number of ways to address problems in these realms.[16]

The APIs offered at the launch should be familiar to those who worked on Bluemix or the Microsoft Azure Marketplace with IBM Watson. Most of them provide common business functions, like enterprise search or converting file formats, and even needle – moving apps for machine learning are relatively familiar.[17]

5. Accord.NET


This Framework is a .NET framework that implements machine learning .NET written in C#. image and audio processing libraries are completely combined with frameworks. This framework is a complete framework to build a degree of production in computer audition, statistics applications, computer vision and signal processing for all-purpose even commercial purpose.[18]  The project’s source code is available in the Gnu Lesser Public License (version 2.1)[19].

The framework includes the source code of libraries and NuGet[20] packages and executable installers. The covered areas are image and signal processing, numerical linear algebra, statistics, numerical optimization, machine learning and supporting libraries (like as visualization and graph plotting).[21]

This project was created for the extension of AForge.NET Framework[22] capabilities. AForge.NET has been incorporated into itself. The latest version of it joined the two frameworks which are called the Accord.NET.[23]

A set of instance applications allows you to quickly get up and running and a documentation and wiki help to fill in the details.

A set of the application[24] allows a quick start to quickly get up and run. wiki[25] help fills in the details.[26]


6.Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning offers wizards and visualization tools. This guides you through the development of machine learning models (ML) without complex machine learning technology and machine learning algorithms. Your models are ready; it is easy for Amazon Machine Learning to obtain your application predictions using simple API. No infrastructure needs to be implemented or managed with a customized prediction code.

It allows you developing robust scalable intelligent applications which are employed without an extensive background in algorithms and techniques for machine learning. The service including three operations for the construction process of machine learning models. This is the analysis of data, training model and assessment of models. Its features include batch APIs and real-time forecasts that enable users to build intelligent applications easily.[27]

AWS now offers Amazon SageMaker[28]to facilitate machine learning for data scientists and developers. It is a completely managed service with complex training, development and hosting features. These features allow developers to focus on machine learning models data science without worrying about infrastructure or system management.[29]


7. Azure Machine Learning Workbench

Azure Machine Learning Workbench

Azure Machine Learning service capabilities of facilitates and increase the speed up of building, training, and deployment of models for machine learning. Automated machine learning allows data scientists at all levels of expertise to identify appropriate machine learning algorithms and hyperparameters more quickly.

To support common open-source frameworks, like TensorFlow, PyTorch and scientific knowledge allows data scientists to use their choice of tools. DevOps machine learning improves productivity by allowing cloud and edge models to be experimentally tracked and managed. All these capabilities, including the workstations of data scientists, any python environment can be accessed.

Microsoft has developed Azure Machine Learning service in close cooperation with its customers, who use it every day to improve customer service, build better products and optimize their operations.

Azure Machine Learning was built on the following design principles, which are detailed in here[30], to simplify and accelerate machine learning.

  • Enable data scientists to use rich and familiar tools for data science
  • Facilitate the use of popular learning frameworks for machines and deep learning
  • Accelerate valuation time by providing lifecycle learning capabilities from end to end


8. IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson Analytics is an intelligent application for self – service visualization and data analysis to discover patterns and data insights. It guides you through the discovery process and automates the subsequent predictive analysis and cognitive processes.

IBM Watson Analytics has the ability to process natural languages. You can interact with your data as if you were talking to it such as, structured and unstructured information can be easily extracted from answers.

IBM Watson Analytics allows you to immediately find new and emerging data trends. The service even visually presents it through your dashboards. the patterns can be detected faster. With the aims of IBM Watson Analytics, you can encounter new and emerging trends in your data. The service even visually presents it with your dashboards. the patterns can be detected faster.

IBM Watson Analytics employs natural languages processing (NLP) to let you to conversations with your data. You can use your own words for seamlessly understandable insights with querying the application.



The purpose of this article is to give an overview of the trending machine learning and frameworks tools. A treasure trove of resources for developers who just started their careers and experts will be found through the list above. Although some depend on a particular programming language, others can be used in a variety of instances, including in the cloud. Both software and cloud-based offerings enable developers to benefit from each other’s benefits[31].

Before building a machine learning application, it can be a difficult task to select one technology from the many options. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is important to evaluate several options[32]. To help you select the machine learning framework that best suits your workflow consults an artificial intelligence engineer[33].

We are witnessing some common themes surfacing as these tools now develop. Flexibility in these software functions often costs performance or scalability or both. If a toolset is tightly linked to a language or deployment format, it is typically more difficult to reshape it bigger, wider, faster or fatter[34]. Over time, platforms or wider community – driven migration to the most efficient, powerful, open, smartest and most “trainable” tools are likely to be consolidated[35].


AI & Web Development?

What is AI? What’s all the fuss about?  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that gives a computer program or a machine ability to think and learn. Artificial intelligence emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that react like humans. All the study of Artificial Intelligence tries to make computers smart work. Speech recognition and machine learning are computer activities with artificial intelligence. AI uses an algorithm like Neural Network as the underlying mathematical methodology for learning purposes. However, Contrary to common belief, these algorithms are not new. With less expensive and available computing power, these heavy-duty algorithms can be used in scale with massive data availability for model training purposes.

Starting to know the AI
Artificial Intelligence, isometric ai robot on mobile phone screen, chatbot app vector neon dark


According to major tech giant CEOs, AI will become the new wave of the future. Already major tech firms such as Amazon are testing their ML capabilities with heavy investments in IoT and entering our daily habits with tools such as Alexa. AI has learned to recognize objects in an image or transcript speech from an audio clip and it can be used as a part of the software to make decisions that require a human. The software can identify and tag your friends in Facebook photos instead of doing it manually. In this article, we focus on some AI utilizations in web development and trends we see in the development world.

Utilize Artificial Intelligence for Web Development

 Artificial intelligence is one of the key components of an excellent strategy for digital transformation, And as more companies strive to implement digital transformation strategies, the role of AI in web developments will become even more central than ever.

The AI industry is still witnessing significant growth. Gartner estimates that the Artificial Intelligence industry’s total revenue will increase by 70 percent by the end of the year to more than $1.2 trillion. More than 40 percent of organizations worldwide will also deploy Artificial Intelligence technology to improve productivity and customer satisfaction in 2019. All of these are clear indications that Artificial Intelligence will emerge in 2019 as a leading web development trend.[Source]

How can we use of AI in web development? we introduce some application of Artificial Intelligence in web development.

 Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Chat Bots In AI

Artificial Intelligence has now left the field of sci-fi and ventured into the top 10 trends in web development in 2019. All the big companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon have seen the prospects of investing in AI development and have galvanized the effort involved. They predict that chatbots ‘ revolutionize how everyone experiences computing ‘ and invest heavily in chatbots development and popularization.

A chatbot is a computer program based on advances in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) that helps people complete certain tasks. Bots can typically help shopping, finding information or ordering a service. They help to provide a more humane experience with Q&A form.

Bots have currently been employed by messenger like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, Skype, WeChat, etc. Only Facebook Messenger currently has more than 100 K bots. Also, some huge companies, including H&M, Sephora, Hilfiger, and others, have their bots. If you want to see examples of brilliant bots.

H&M Bot - Source

It goes without saying that bots entered web development trends in 2019. You don’t need to code a bot from the ground up. You can use popular bot frameworks which are allowing every developer the power of having a custom bot. Check out the following bots: Microsoft Bot Framework, and

Artificial Intelligence solutions, such as chat bots, are employed by successful e-commerce companies to benefit the company by reducing traditional human resource overhead and at the same time keep engaging demanding customers. These benefits make search faster, make better interaction with visitors, effective marketing to targeted consumers, and provide a more relevant customer experience and a personalized store experience.

In general, bots have secured their place in the years to come in the web development industry. By 2020, web solutions based on Artificial Intelligence are likely to incorporate voice recognition technology and revolutionize how we view web interaction. So, next year’s powering your chatbot is a wise step in front of your competitors.

Visual Search

Imagine clicking on a picture of a great chair you saw at the house party of your friend and uploading it to an app to find exactly the same or similar chairs for your home! ‘artificial intelligence with a vision’ is a software science which can aim websites to search by classifying images live and in real time.

Chair - AI


Pinterest Lens is developed by Pinterest the largest visual bookmarking site. This service allows users to search visually for all the items which they see around the world every day. The new Amazon app has already integrated the AI to find the things which you saw on the sidewalk and it helps people to find a similar thing which they see in their online shopping catalog. Gilt and Etsy are two other companies that use similar tools for image detection to find similar clothing items.

Adobe introduces an image editing tool that you can draw images of products you want. With the aims of this tool, you can turn a rudimentary outline of a wallet or dress into a photorealistic and tweakable image. This tool uses Artificial intelligence algorithms and a database of similar images to transform the drawings into images.

Retailers are a large hit with tools integrated with deep learning into offerings. The ‘suggestion factor’ is an innovation search which uses Artificial intelligence to predict customer behavior! So when you choose a smartphone, retailers suggest what you can buy with it such as cover, earphone, accessory.

Artificial intelligence Assisting in the sales process

AI in Sales

Intelligent sales process needs data and computing power to understand and predict customers. Analyzing a large amount of information which is collected by online customers over two or three years and the subsequent application of Artificial intelligence disruption, for an online company, can do wonders.

American company for active wear and outdoor sports equipment and e-tailer “The North Face” uses Artificial Intelligence to better understand its customers. The chatbot enabled by IBM Watson’s AI can help online customers find the goods they are looking for. Watson, which was enabled on their website, asks the consumer appropriate questions such as “where and when are they going to use the bag?, through AI technology for voice input then Artificial intelligence approach scans of hundreds of products to find perfect matches based on customer input in real time and their own research such as the weather conditions in this area.

Brands can use these petabytes of data to predict customer behavior and offer individual consumers relevant and helpful recommendations. With this approach, online shopping can be much more personal. If you apply boring and faulty filters, you would have to scan through 80,000 dresses to find the perfect date dress. The personalized shopping experience is at your screen-step.

‘My Starbucks Barista’ launched by Café brand Starbucks uses AI to enable customers to place voice commands or messaging orders while suggesting their personal favorites. The variety of inputs such as account information, preferences, purchase history, third-party data, and contextual information integrate to help the coffee giant to service its customers with a more personalized experience.

Starbucks Barista


The use of Artificial Intelligence in UI design

The use of AI in UI design increases designers ‘ productivity and creativity. How are you asking? Just by training robots to handle design elements such as resizing, color schemes adjustment, and so on. This robot aims designers to work on more complex and strategic UI design elements.

The process of UI design involves some steps: creating wireframes, building mood boards and actually designing interfaces using tools like Sketch or Photoshop and finally translated into some working HTML wireframe to complete the development process. The process of translating the designed interface to HTML code takes time and effort, so Artificial Intelligence has a solution which can facilitate the process. Sketch2Code has been recently introduced as a web-based solution. With the aim of an Artificial Intelligence approach, it can translate user interface design from a picture to a valid HTML markup code but we suggest to give let this process of design handled manually with the help of expert designers.

As mentioned before, AI has deeply affected a number of industries including UI design concept. In the following, we mention items affected it.

Better design Systems-One of the most important aspects of the design of user interface is to ensure consistency throughout to improve the user experience. To analyze the perception and response of a user, Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be combined with UI design. The design’s main challenge is the functional aspects of a website, so it can be helpful. The information collected using AI-based systems helps to create a more personalized user experience. This, in return, increases website traffic and is also likely to lead to profitable conversions.

AI and the tools for UI design-A much clearer idea of layouts and conceptual designs are obtained when UI tools are coupled with AI systems. It also makes it easier for the various members of a design team to communicate faster and more efficiently. Due to a large number of templates, layouts and design concepts already stored, AI can help you reduce the time spent looking for design resources.


How AI Will Shape Web Development in the Future. 

Future of AI

We believe with the commoditization of AI tools in web development, web development lifecycle and barrier to enter for new developers will be much shorter and cheaper, by:

  • Eliminating tedious tasks and skipping to create a website from scratch
  • Analyze content and user preferences to customize the website more easily
  • Help all the web designers, from professional to beginner, in projects
  • Enable the users to handle their own website without problems

This will change the web development industry and force development agencies and professionals to move up the value chain and be forced to focus on more specialized added value services rather than








Marketing Automation 101: ins and outs

Capitalize on your current assets to increase your revenue

Edoramedia is the only certified partner of Marketo in the region with the goal of offering on-ground solutions to clients.The marketing automation arm of Edoramedia allows your marketing and sales departments to automate their activities to score leads based on their acidity and behavior to determine when and how they are ready for sales.

If your prospects visited your website and downloaded a white paper by submitting a form, we would capture all of their lead information and assign them a score. A cookie would be dropped so all future activities (visited more pages, clicked certain links, opened an email, requested more info and many more) would also be scored.

The goal is that by collaborating with your sales and marketing teams, a value can be assigned to determine when a sales rep should pursue that lead. If the lead is not sales ready, then they should be nurtured until you are ready. Nurturing involves continuously sending information to nudge them through the sales cycle and increase their score.

Benefits of marketing automation

For Management

  • Increase in revenue and returned business
  • Higher customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Comprehensive automated reporting system on the sales activities and recommended action plan for future
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Measurable ROI
  • Capitalizing on current client base for business development and benchmarking for future business from other clients
  • Monitoring the activities of sales strategies and sale efforts to maximize revenue

For the Marketing Department

  • Automating the marketing activities through a customized platform and admin panel
  • Understanding client behavior is a formulated manner and guiding the sales efforts
  • Creating an action plan that will directly generate more business

For the Sales Department

  • Making sure all accounts are being contacted
  • Regularly on a formulated manner
  • More structure to the sales efforts
  • Higher sales figures and consequently higher commission
  • Ranking hot and qualified leads + action plan
  • Reporting on customer behavior
HTML Codes & Search Engines


HTML creates the main structure of web-pages. While search engines crawls your website, They are actually reading and evaluating the HTML codes.The better the HTML code the more it will help search engines understand your content and you will get a better overall rating in search result. Below we have listed up some important tips to achieve better SEO for our web pages.

The “Title” Tag

This tag should be chosen in accordance with the content of the page; This is one of the most important elements that helps search engines identify what exactly the page is about.

The “Meta Description” Tag

Although according to professional SEO experts, this tag has no effect on SEO ranking but undoubtedly, The presence of “160 characters” in the content of meta description will play an important role in attracting relevant search traffic.

Structured data

A technique that uses “schema” to understand the concept of webpage content. While this technique may not have a direct impact on the ranking, using it is clearly does lead to a higher view rate.

The Heading Tags (h1-h6)

These tags play the most important role in SEO. By placing keywords inside these tags, the chances of finding you as a result of these searches will increase significantly.

Importance of “alt” attribute in “IMG” tag

Although images can play a crucial part in the concept and layout of the webpages, search engines will not understand the meaning of these images. We can define the concept of an image for search engines using the text we write in “alt” attribute.

Semantic Elements

We can make our code semantic by using HTML tags such as “section” and “article”, etc. in addition to making it much more meaningful for developers, the code can have an effect on SEO rankings when put next to the “Header” tags.

 To have your website SEO health check and monitored by our experts, why not get in touch with us today through the “contact us” form.

Introducing SmartPark – Save money when parking for long hours

SmartPark – start saving on parking!

One of the biggest challenges everyone faces in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Knowledge Village is parking, and many of us have to use the zone parkings which cost:

  • 1 hour: AED 2
  • 2 hours: AED 5
  • 3 hours: AED 8
  • 4 hours: AED 11

Meaning in an 8 hour a day of work you are spending around AED 22 if you charge two times for 4 hours (and many of us are forced to do so just because we may be in the middle of a meeting or so busy we forget to renew if we make the period shorter).

Now imagine an app where you just type in your car plate number + the zone + number of hours (can go up to 10) and it automtically renews your parking once every hour on your behalf benefiting from the AED 2 per hour price. This saves AED 6 each day.

Another benefit of such an app is that you can cancel the auto renewal at anytime. This is great for those annoying times when you just charged for 4 hours and 10 minutes later a client calls for a meeting where you need to drive so basically you are forced to continue to pay even though the parking is no longer required.

SmartPark is now publicly available on the Google Play store for anyone who feels this app can help them save money and make the parking process simpler.

Download here:

Edoramedia and Insert partner up to provide real time, in-app personalization

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 01, 2017 /PRNewswire/

Edoramedia, a digital transformation provider for companies in the MENA region, and Insert, the automated in-app marketing platform, have signed to a partnership to deliver real-time, in-app personalization to mobile users in the MENA region. This partnership brings Insert’s technology for rapidly deploying in-app engagement features and Edoramedia’s end-to-end mobile services, allowing app owners and mobile marketers to develop more meaningful customer relationships.

As enterprise brands increasingly rely on mobile solutions for improving customer engagement and business outcomes, they must deliver the right mobile moments, at the right time, in the right context. However, providing these personalized experiences requires a deep understanding of customer data and can take weeks of development time to deliver.

Through their partnership, Edoramedia and Insert will enable brands to enhance an existing solution, or build a new app, for maximizing customer interactions in real-time. Edoramedia will focus on mobile strategy, design, and development while Insert’s platform can be used to add dozens of pre-built features to an app, including messages, videos, surveys, and tooltips, without any coding or app store approval. App owners and mobile marketers can then leverage the data that Insert provides to optimize these features and achieve their goals.

“Today users are bombarded with advertisements and marketing campaigns; it is critical for enterprises to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer in order to assure any chance of becoming noticed.” said Mahdi Hashemi, Edoramedia’s Regional Director of Sales. “This partnership with Insert will allow our customers to see this as an opportunity and empowers them to utilize in-app engagement to its fullest.”

About Edoramedia

Edoramedia FZ-LLC is a digital agency based in Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2012 the company has been offering digital services to some of the most recognized names in the region. Over the past few years Edoramedia has been focusing on digital transformation and marketing automation services.

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About Insert

Insert is the first automated in-app marketing platform. It offers a broad set of customizable features – “inserts” – which can be launched into any live app in minutes, with no coding. These pre-built features include videos, banners, messages, surveys and more – allowing app marketers to better engage, convert and retain their customers. Insert was created to enable mobile marketers and product managers to drive user loyalty and conversion, without writing a single line of code.

The company was founded by the people behind Worklight: the world’s leading mobile application platform (now IBM MobileFirst).

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