We just did a complete overhaul of our website

While over the past two yearse have been quite busy and the company has been growing our corporate website was not reflecting this growth. 

To be completely honest we had begin building Edoramedia 2.0 over a year ago and while we had reached the final stages something was just not right and we were not convinced with the final results, so we went back to the drawing board and immediately siezed 2.0 and began the 3.0 version of the website. 

What we offer

The new website compacts the number of services we offer yet focuses on the core of what we are good at:

  • Web and App Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Consultancy

Everything else is considered complementary work only when they directly help our customers increase their ROI.

The new website focuses on proving why Edoramedia is the right partner to help you optimize your overall digital footprint.

Let us know your feedback through the contact us form.