Our new website is finally up and running

News . May 03, 2016

It took longer than expected but we are happy to announce the Edoramedia 2.0 running on our enterprise EM CMS engine. 

It had been a while since we decided to redo the website. We felt it no longer reflected who we were as a company. Inline with the changes we felt that previously we also played it a bit safe so in the new version we decided to move from a box box minimal design to a design with more curves but contine to stay minimal and easy to navigate.

What you see today is a second shot at the project, initially we had decided to approach the website in a much different fashion but finally chose to walk away from that approach and move to something a bit more modern.

Edoramedia has evolved in the past years to more than just a web / app design company and now offers 360 digital services, we feel that clients need to make the best out of their digital platforms and therefore stay by their side assuring this happens.

Over the months we have partnered with multiple companies and hand picked the best in each department (i.e. marketing automation, CRM, etc) to aggregate the solutions into a complete package ready to be customized and plugged into the clients day to day.

Hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome.


Hossein Jalali

Managing Director

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