Marketing Automation and why you need it today

News . December 03, 2016

The term Marketing Automation is quite new but in the next few years you will be hearing about it more and more. This is the future of marketing and understanding your customers in a completely new level.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is quite self explanitory - Automating the day to day of Marketing; however it is much more than just that, Gone are the days when we spend most of our time setting up campaigns and blindely targeting customers while we fight for budgets with the sales department, with Marketing Automation the Marketers must mostly analyze situations and select best paths of spending through accurate figures and results, the marketing team becomes the strongest arm of the sales department, roviding qualified leads who are now nurtured and ready for sales.

Profiling Users

Another important feature that Marketing Automation provides is the abilty to profile users and understand their behaviors both as an individual and as a group and therefore rather than bombarding them with unnecessary emails you may easily provide them content catered specifically for their needs. 

Which Marketing Automation tool to use?

We strongly believed that such a solution was the missing piece in our 360 digital solution offering and put quite a lot of time studying and understanding how it can benefit our clients and what are the best practices involved.

After evaluating the few worthy solutions we notice that Marketo offers Marketing Automation. Over the course of 8 months we have built a strong relationship the Marketo team to the point where we are not the sole partner of Marketo and representitvie in the region.

For more information on how Maketo can help your business excel, why not contact us today?


Hossein Jalali

Managing Director

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