Analytics & Reports

The beauty of digital is the visiblity of behaviour. To get the best advantage on understanding how your customers interact with your digital solutions in order to plan ahead access to strong analytics and reporting tools is key.

Analytics empowers your business with the data that you need to implement your strategy to achieve you business objectives. You will have a wealth of actionable information that includes reports, dashboards, segments and much more.

At Edoramedia we have a team of experts that have many years experience in Analytics reports that are tailored to each clients needs. So whatever the size of your business you will benefit from analytics reporting and you will see a marked difference in conversions.


Google Analytics Reports

Nowadays, Multi-channel funnels is one of the main reports your organisation should be interested in because it shows how your business is performing on multiple devices including mobile, desktop and tablet.

This top-level report is available in Google Analytics and it helps you see which are your best performing channels and with that you can easily allocate budget and know where to put most of your resources.

We have expertise in this report and many other reports in Google Analytics and we will manage this for you and boost your businesses ROI.

Other critical areas we will manage for you include goal tracking which informs you how your keywords, channels, landing pages, and devices are converting. 

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No digital strategy is complete without an analytics program that you need for reporting and benchmarking purposes and to inform you how far you are from achieving your goals. So to get started, contact us for a Free quote and to discuss your requirements.