Application & Mobile Development

As the user consumption of the internet is changing mobile applications are playing a larger role in this change and can no longer be considered a luxury but rather play a vital role in the success of companies.

App & Mobile site development is one of our specialities and something that we have a passion for here at Edoramedia. We take pleasure from taking your concept, mapping it out and creating a winning app & mobile site that meets your organisations goals.

Using the latest technology in mobile development, our developers create an application that includes all the features you need to appeal to your visitors and keeps them engaged too.


Application Development Cost

Developing an app can be costly, especially if it involves many non-standard features that are unique, but we work with you to ensure that the whole process is affordable.

We have no hidden costs and the price that you see is the price that you pay. So before we start any app development work, we take down all your requirements and price them up in our proposal to you.

Our application development process includes:

  • Wireframes & Prototyping – We start with sketches to prototyping the interface
  • Creativity & Design – Next we take the wireframe and prototype after approval and our design team transforms this into picture perfect designs
  • Deployment – Finally we develop the full app and deliver a clean coded solution that performs on every level. 


Get in Touch

Want to know more about our application & mobile development solution? Speak to one of our representatives to find out how we can help you achieve your goals for an affordable price.