Content Strategy & Development

Providing valuable content on a schedule may be the best source of marketing possible. However preparation and distrbution may not always be as easy as it sounds.

Yes, the common statement you have heard 1000 times in conferences: "Content is king", and if you want to differentiate your business from your competitors and target your market effectively, you need a well planned and executed content strategy that is unique to your business.

Whether it’s content for your website or for your social media platforms or any advertising platforms to promote your brand, you need top copy that will engage your target audience and promote that benefits of your products and services effectively.


Content Strategy

Your content strategy should include all aspects of text structure and form and images that are well optimized and relevant to human and search engine traffic. Your content should be optimized for the keywords that are relevant to your business and that you want to achieve high rankings for on the search engines.


Content Development

At Edoramedia we have experienced copywriters that write promotional, engaging copy to suit each businesses needs and we are regularly called upon to write posts on LinkedIn, Ads for Google Adwords and many other formats.

Our process takes into consideration the devices and channels that people will use to read and engage with your content and we will advise you on the length and type of content that is required.

We will then move on to content development using our internal processes and will deliver the work quickly for you to review.


Get In Touch

We know that many business owners struggle to produce effective website copy because they have little experience in their teams in this area. So we offer our content writing service that includes strategy and development and is customized to your exact needs. Get in touch today for a discussion and to request a quote.