Digital Marketing & Automation

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing offers complete insight and visiblity on how well campaigns are being run and their effectivness assuring the highest return on investment.

Digital marketing encompasses all the strategies, tactics, and online channels that you want to implement for your business. It also includes other online vehicles like email marketing which you need for customer acquisition and retention goals.

We will create a digital marketing plan for your organisation that will be a guide to your online plans. It will include your mission, objectives, SWOT Analysis, Competitors, target markets, strategy, marketing tactics and control. With this you will have a roadmap to guide you in achieving your goals.


Marketing Automation

Your marketing automation strategy will make your business more effective at reaching prospects and responding to customer requests and questions. With email marketing automation for example, we will help you to contact your customers at key points like registration, order processing, inactive periods, anniversaries and many other periods to help you build loyalty.

We will also implement an automation strategy that includes Analytics and that you can use at certain critical points to segment your markets and send them automated messages through Adwords remarketing for example.

Your customers will benefit from increased personalisation on your website and third party websites and in email messages that you send to them. Your messages and banner and text ads will be more targeted and you will see a boost to your ROI.


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