Web Hosting Services

We offer network architecture and hardware solutions for small to medium to enterprise solutons.

If you looking for a fast and reliable web hosting service from a reputable provider, then you can count on us to meet your needs. We are a digital agency that offers a full online service to our clients including web hosting services at affordable prices.

Whether you are a one-man band looking for simple shared hosting that provides lower space and bandwidth or are a large organisation with high resource needs, we are able to help. We have servers to meet all needs and we are happy to demonstrate our web hosting services before you purchase.



We have a range of web hosting services that include shared hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting and cloud hosting. Each comes with its own bandwidth limits and we also offer unlimited bandwidth that gives you enough resources to accommodate all your website visitors.

So you will never have to worry about your websites going offline because you have exhausted your bandwidth for the month. Also, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your package to suit your needs and we are very flexible in that respect.


Web Hosting Space

Web hosting space is critical and you don’t want to run out of space as your website grows and as you add more content and visitors. So to avoid that we offer unlimited web hosting space that allows you an unlimited of storage.

Our packages start from 1GB of space to unlimited, to meet the needs of the beginner to the large corporate and everyone in between. 


Get In Touch

To host your website, app, images, photos or anything else that you need for maximum security, contact us to discuss your requirements.