the requirement

LINE Corp. was looking to build a portal specifically for women in speaking in Farsi all over the world, a place which can be called home and a secure zone to discuss some of the more sensitive material.

BENITA was created to provide content for women including articles on different categories including health, fashion, lifestyle, and more. But an even more unique and powerful are of the site is BENIDANA; a Q&A page where anyone can ask anything (anonymously as well) and get replies from those with similar experience or from a dedicated team of experts.

benita on mobile

a mockup of BENITA

our role

As Edoramedia we have always had a great relationship with the team at LINE. When the project was defined it was clear that we needed to play a role larger than just a web design / developer.

Over the past year our team has helped BENITA by providing:

  • Technology through EMCMS
  • Branding requirements
  • Web design and development
  • Content and Digital Marketing Services
  • Operations Setup
  • Strategy Consultations

The project is continuously growing and evloving with a outlook of adding mobile applications for specific services.

the outcome

While BENITA was launched early May 2016 in 1 year the traffic has grown to:

  • ~ 2M unique users a month
  • ~ 18M page views a month

With a healthy growth of approximate 5% monthly.