the requirement

Medlife was one of the more exciting sites to build for us as it came from a client who was passionate about making a difference who had found the lack of such content on the Internet due to personal exprience and need.

The project aims to provide daily resources and reading material related to health, lifestyle, pregnancy, and more; but also to be a resource to read about various illnesses and problems one could face.

a mockup of the website

our role

Creating News Portals is one of the better specialties of Edoramedia. Our EMCMS has the capacity to provide a lot of flexiblity through its easy to use panel. Medlife was built on the EMCMS 1.0 and later upgraded to the 2.0 version.

For this specific project the team not only provided the web development of the website but also branding and content strategy.

the outcome

Medlife is loved by search engines. Given the depth of SEO the site has been built on over 80% of the site traffic comes from Google and other search engines daily.